Woke and toke - The other side of this black and white challenge.

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Yes I am here to uplift and collectively celebrate womxn. So here’s a different side of me. The one that confuses some and makes others uncomfortable. Let’s talk about the stigma of MARIJUANA-CANNABIS-WEED-REEFER and the things our family members say about people who do consume it. Often times our elders see the act of smoking weed and automatically think negatively- they associate it with crime and jail. And they have every right to think so given the insurmountable amount of Black people in jail for possession of small amounts. While more people are accepting the use of marijuana and reform is happening in states across the nation, Black arrests are STILL 4 times more likely than whites for possession, and it is still not entirely decriminalized.


We have to ask: Why are these communities targeted? Why isn’t the decriminalization of cannabis consumption happening in every state? How do we have this conversation with elders to dismantle their negative perceptions of an entire community? Let’s start with the facts!

Ok so- Cannabis is Gods send. Our Ancestors believed in the majik of cannabis and other herbs. Just because you have a doctor doesn’t mean they’re always right- most of the time they just want your money. Some times you just need some weed. It’s in the Bible if you wanna get in technical.


But I digress..

Show them the graphs, explain the injustice in your own words, and then explain the benefits of weed!! Smoking helps my anxious mind calm down and sometimes I get creative- tbh a lot of them could use some of natures medicine. ACLU’s Arrest By the Numbers is a great resource. Also see where your state sides. Still confused ? Still fee like you don't get it? Here's Ed


He did a commercial a while back for a Christian CBC company. If he doesn't change your mind, I suggest you really investigate where your disdain for Mary Jane stems from. Plants are complex. Just like you! Just like me! Stop judging others. Stop judging yourself. It's all connected family.

In other words, stop shaming us for something you know little about. Start listening. Start learning. MESSAGE!


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