We thought about a hashtag for this trip. Ed liked CANY I thought adding ‘we’ would be clever. Now I think it’s too heady. Oh well..uncany2020 would’ve been good.

We landed in Chicago! Also a spaceship launched?! Also Chicago just ordered a stay at home order. So today I drove maybe 2 and a half hours of the 13 hour drive. Someone gets real motivated in the morning and won’t switch. And then when finally happened it was way too dark and I thought I was driving into a hedge. Here’s what’s so cool about this trip. When we were younger both Ed and I, we wished we stayed in these fancy hotels. I remember being very jealous we couldn’t stay in a cool hotel in Vegas when I was 11. And instead stayed at Circus Circus or something. Still cool! But not Excalibur. This Royal Sonesta is right on the river and right in front of the fTrump building. Which is nonsensical. What even goes on in that building?! Any way- as we’re traveling I’m also directing a high school Zoom production of Clue on stage (on screen) and it’s been so much fun! cause the work doesn stop and thank goodness for friends in other states! We’re considering heading straight to NY Thursday instead of swinging down to CT but who knows..we shall see how exhausted we’ll be. What a time.

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