Village Kid

To the kids at home living in multigenerational, multI family, 1-3 bedroom homes- while going to school and trying to make sense of what’s happened and what is continuing to happen-

I see you. I am with you. Taking up space right now is hard. But you are strengthening your wings in a way no one else is- and when you're ready, when the world is ready, it is you that will thrive.

Being a Pilipinx Amerikkkan: What it’s like to be a village kid. 🇵🇭🇺🇸 In honor of #pilipinoamericanhistorymonth 📍🏘 a #poem for San Lorenzo- The Village aka Squatterville. Reminding myself@to put my energy in work that is fulfilling and healing. ✨💕 #move #reflect #energize #expression #pilipinx #filipina #pinay #words #monday #motivation

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