Up in the air on a full moon. Aquarius being Airy and light 💡

I’ve been going through my old notes and finding some random ramblings about a lot of things that I want to create visuals for. I think this season of Expressive AF * 5Ft. Lumpia is really allowing me to create a space for the writing I’ve been doing over the past few years. I’m excited to begin that process.

We’re finally on our way back to The Bay. The last few days for my belly were rough. All the weeks of eating nothing but carbs and dairy caught up heavy. I also feel like my body is just reach a different plane and just needed to flush it all out.

The last week of camp was rewarding. every year I feel like I get closer to what my teaching style is. I’m crossing my fingers for more opportunities to direct young performers. It’s important to me to be in that position more so than being an actor right now- Especially now. I can’t imagine how different my choices in life would have been had I had a Pilipinx director in grade school. Granted all the women in my life seemed to be directing and running their own playhouse with a gaggle of kids around. Spending time with Ed’s family was really lovely this year. I’m glad we stayed as long as we did. Understanding and loving him and where he comes from more and more every day. I’m really just excited to get my work up. And get back to work. Vacation much needed. Molting much needed. New surroundings much needed. So we’re both returning home with a fresh pair of eyes, planning our next adventure, and creating more chapters in this book. Together. Here’s a short excerpt from 5/2/19

”Would you be surprised when you arrived in front of God and saw a reflection of yourself and didn’t recognize them? All the phases of you throughout the years. Along with those who you’ve walked with.

The young and innocent,

mature and foolish,

old and wise.

Would that surprise if it were you yourself you could not recognize, empathize, actualize? Terrifying and beautiful.