Trippen over myself

So chain challenges. I remember making multiple AIM usernames as a kid. Customizing my AOL messenger settings, switching sounds, and creating profiles for each of my alter egos. I started off as Tigger16174 and by the dawn of the Sidekick era I was malandipinkie and lilpnaiwholubspink or something like that. This morning I Ed and I sat in the yard, smoked that Califlower (hella clever name, I didn't come up with it) and a caterpillar fell from the tree and landed on my knee. A caterpillar signifies changes, transformation, and patience. It landed as Ed spoke about getting a new place soon. Gears slowly in motion. Patiently placing parts in the love and settling down engine. Being an adult feels a lot like being a kid, just better and with other people- like playing house but for real

As I realized how much I needed Mj today, I worked through some kinky spots with music. I started off with lazy lines, moved on to uprooting upper body, then transitioned to lower body landing. I'm finding it a lot of fun coming up with different ways to teach the same things with camp. Especially with teaching Hamilton, the history behind the show and hip hop- I'm remembering what I learned as a high schooler and how I was introduced to the 5 elements in such a special way. It's amazing to think about how much you can get across to children with examples from the real world, how much they know surprises me. I'm excited to see how this week goes, last week of camp! As for the rest of the morning- I had plenty of time to catch up with everything online. For the most part. Was able to delete videos from previous camps that are taking up a lot of space. I finally uploaded the newest episode of 5ft Lumpia! It took foreverrrr. I teach 1pm PDT, but here it's 3pm. So tomorrow I'll probably get some more work done.. I haven't been doing much creative writing lately. I need to get back to that routine. Ed has a reading for his play coming up! And I am so excited!! OK back to the beginning and chain challenges. Criticism came out in an article comparing the women supporting women challenge as ineffective as the black square that was posted a few months ago. Welp, I went back and edited my post. Here's the fun thing about this challenge, at leas it was for me and a couple reflections 1. the iPhone quality for photos is insane, I literally took headshots today 2. a buzz cut makes me more brave to take front facing photos, I've never liked that angle before, 3. why is it when we post photos about ourselves, especially those who don't normally- we are called vain and conceited 4. then you only post photos of yourself and your labeled other names. in conclusion, do whatever tf you want. don't be a dick. Here's why I'm tripped over myself. From September 2019 to now. Every year I notice a change. I don't think I've been satisfied with how I look ever. always shifting and changing.. who knows what I'll look like next year. It's almost 11pm here and I am exhausted. This week is chill. Back to work. Preparing the return. Maybe we'll get more authentic New England clam chowder one more time while we're here. Oh man..I could talk about food desserts. Maybe tomorrow! Ok byyeeeee