Thursday th.inkings

10:37am est

I don't have the answers

But I am listening to my body

I don't have the answers

But I am honoring my story

I don't have the answers

But I am aware of those around me

I don't have the answers

But I recognize the mystery

10:37am est

People are vessels for the unseen

Nature provides truth for where we have been

To access the information requires vulnerability

To channel the program we must fight adversity

They don't want us to be truly free

They control us by what we eat

we are the origins of technology

plug in or be.

Let your mind go beyond that story on repeat

10:43am est

Judgment may be the only thing controlling you from seeing the world for what it is.

And not what they want you to believe.

10:45am est

What makes a person spiritual?

Is it what they practice?

or the way they see the world.

What makes a person lovable?

Is it the way they're treated?

or how they treat themselves?

What makes us visible?

Is it how we identify?

Or the ways we are invisible?

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