That’s what Solstice means to me my Love

It’s been the small but consistent things that have helped ground me lately:

- Waking up early

- Getting back into my body’s natural rhythm

- Working out and walking around our new neighborhood

- Making brunch

- Meditating and journaling

- Coming up with Tagalog/English mantras when my OCD brain goes on loop - Today’s was, “Bathala Na Anak, Paciencia kung wala” let God Child, patience if there is none

- Working on my website and actor/creative material that hasn’t been touched in months

- Investing into stocks and not shaming myself for cashing out earlier this year

- Watching really bad Christmas movies

- deleting CoStar and unfollowing all

other spiritual accounts that create more confusion for me than discerning

- remembering where tf I came from. Always.

majick, laughter, and faith

I joined a 30 day mindful morning practice that I’m excited to dive into in the New Year. I’m glad I shifted my perspective and stayed for the holidays, although I’m excited to go back home for a bit to gather my things. I miss my canvases and paint and books I left. Happy Hump