Ocean Beach - New London, Ct 7/15/20

Ok first of all, who would've thought that I'd spend more time out here near bodies of water?! Ed has been craving being in the water for months so I'm gad he can explore out here and soak up that sun. I'm very very paranoid about the virus. I've kept my mask on most of the trip, especially out in public. Today we spent time with his father's side. The have animals and I can't help but fall in love instantly: bunnies and pit bulls. We went to another beach. This one an hour away, reminded me of a smaller Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I didn't take good enough pictures so here awesome google photos.. nope jk not that many! You can google it's pretty dope. Instead here are some photos of Ed and I.

This is the second beach this week. Tomorrow we are going to Cape Cod MF!!! I've only read about this place in books. I'm so excited. Right now we're making a late-wish dinner, baking salmon and roasting veggies. It's a 3 hour drive from New Britain. so getting up hella early. I realized I never put my acting reel back on my website *facepalm* so I'm going to add it real quick and head to bed. Much reflection. Much reflecting..

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