Kaylabration | 4/23/20 @ 11:14pm

Hello hello hello, yeah that's a Cheeto. It's week 6 of quarantine and I am way off my workout routine, not staying away from dairy, and drinking too much coffee. BUT I have a solid sleep schedule, wake up every morning to feed the dogs and myself so that's an accomplishment. Tonight on the Facebook, Awesome Theatre presented a "Kaylabration" 1 hours of compiled footage, along with Puja Tolton 2020 artist in resident, Claire Rice who guided me throughout the process and is Awesome Theatre's program director, and Jason Bayani, poet, performer, dj, all the things.. both of whom without The Kaylamay Project would not be a thing. The KAYLABRATION just reminded me of how much I loved performing the show, and how much I loved creating ExpressiveAF* And now since we're all left with a list of unfinished projects, I am returning to it all and beginning to expand the storyline. 2 years later.. why am I like this?! I am excited to see what direction it goes next. Not gonna lie I was afraid as all hell to continue because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT A LOVING RELATIONSHIP LOOKS LIKE. and now that I've grown up some, with myself at first of course, and now with a loving partner, I'm ready to share these stories with everyone else. Let's see if Ed is ready for all that.. I'm going to be posting more content and at a much more consistent rate. With this blog in mind, my goal weekly is to post what I've eaten and the physical activity I engaged in. Because lesssbeereeal my quarantine bawdy is not the business. Although, I have enjoyed the version of Ed who insists we have dessert after dinner. Starting tomorrow.. maybe Monday I will be posting my weekly updates of meals and workouts and keep y'all updated!

Hope you're keeping yourself at peace. Gods know I've been trying my best.

<3 Happy New Moon