Imagine me as a priest, at an altar, delivering mass (media)

Working on another 1 person show- my relationship to communion, the Catholic Church. I remember telling my Mama this before I left, saying "I'm going to talk about being Catholic" and she was terrified. I said, "I want to put on a robe, and hold mass like the mass you watch on tv" My Mama watches these religiously (ha!) mass on tv in Tagalog. It's always bothered me. To know how much of an impact she makes on her village back home, but to rely on these videos as a source. I wish she knew she was the source. Churches have always felt like theaters to me. A place where stories are told. A book is read. Hymns are sung. It’s a performance by 1- and we all prescribe to the narratives and the lessons we hear. I want to live in a world where all of our stories are welcome. Where theaters are regarded and respected as a sacred place of gathering essential to our ecosystems. I stopped believing in the stories once I realized my role to the writer, a man, a yt man, a coznlozizer, I was a prize. A 10 year old girl in all white, pledging my communion to the Lord. But I knew, because my Mama believed in the Virgin Guadalupe, that a woman’s place was never in the pew- we begin and end at the altar.