Hammonasset State Beach 7/14/20

Yesterday we went to the beach. There were a lot of people. I can’t say I’m not paranoid after being surrounded. I’m trying to keep my mask on as much as possible. It was about an hour away from Granby. We took 2 cars and got there midday. I only read about these beaches in love novels I read when I was younger. The water was cool and the sand had shells all over. It was really nice. Seeing this part of the country really reminds me of the Philippines is an odd way. The humidity, the sun, all the nature surrounding the small towns. And then there’s the way the project homes are built, the way the classes are separated, the downtown area and different businesses, the beaches. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this coast. The seafood is amazing. I had the best lobster roll and fried clams and calamari yesterday. Although I’m definitely feeling that butter in my intestines. When we get back I’m going to hardcore change my diet, finally. I’m walking around with Tums in my purse like my Mama. I guess it’s really happening now. The evolution. What a life! Today we’re headed to another beach near Rhode Island. That’s another thing. I never realized how big California was until we got here. Driving anywhere else is a breeze after you conquer traffic on the west coast. More and more I’m seeing the similarities between Puerto Ricans and Filipinos. But we already knew this. Just relived to finally feel welcomed in a family that isn’t my own. Can’t say I‘m completely comfortable here-especially knowing the hstry Of the land..that’s a whole other entry. Stay tuned for that. For now, I will take it in and be grateful to be able to enjoy the time away from home.