Granby, CT 7/14/20

We landed on Thursday night around 6pm. Came to Ed's mom's place in Granby and decompressed a bit. Afterwards we headed to New Britain, picked up his cousin, and headed to his other cousins place. We were greeted by more family and a kitchen filled with the smell of spices. I spent most of the first night with his baby cousin. Keeping her entertained with my phone while fighting the urge to fall asleep while Ed chism'ed with his aunts and grandma. We drove back home and I knocked out so fast. The next day, Friday we explored the town and the property. Ed's Ma lives in a rural area, covered by trees. The house is owned by her boss, and she lives alone. It's the perfect summer getaway away from the city.

This weekend was eventful. Getting everything ready for her birthday party next weekend. We spent some time in the yard, grilling and pruning the overgrowth. We explored the town and spent some time in the sun. I got back in to my workout regimen. Eating a lot and trying my best to take care of my body most importantly my digestive system. So far so poop. Today we tried to get down to the brook. With great effort from Ed and the weed hacker we got as far as we could but no brook today. We did go to a park near by with a nice open stream. We'll probably visit it again tomorrow morning.

Afterwards we drove to New Britain to spend some time with his dad and brothers. They served us dinner and we made some s'mores by a fire. I'm really loving it here. Despite the pandemic, seeing this part of the country is shifting my perspective about a lot of things. My role and what my focus is has been on my mind a lot lately. I'm so excited to go back to the Philippines and hear the stories from my aunts and uncles. I can't wait to see how that trip will change me the same way this one is changing me now. It's almost midnight here. Tomorrow we'll be going to the beach! Maybe have more pizza. Oh yeah! today we had pizza. Oh man... it was glorious. That's all for now! See you tomorrow!