First stop Salt Lake City aka all the tears

11/14/20 I did not pack light. I am a bag lady. I will probably make trips back home often. My clothes are all over the house. I have way too many shoes it makes no sense. Leaving always sucks. I did way too much shopping and drinking in the last few days than I did packing. Anxiety is fun. Thank Gods for Ed to keep me grounded. The dogs knew what was happening. Spike slept with us last night. Me and my Mama make the same face when we’re about to cry- like we’re holding our breath going into a tunnel, and Nene is so much like my Papa it’s beginning to show the older she gets- which is a good thing. San Lorenzo doesn’t show up on maps. It truly is a village. But it’s my village. Our village. They’re tearing down the San Lorenzo theater and it’s probably for the best. The housing market in CA is insane we’ll probably have this house for the rest of our lives. This will always be Mama’s house. Papa sent me a FB messenger telling me to recite the words for safe travel in his dialect, a spell he casts every time we leave the house. I’m sharing my location indefinitely with them now. I picked up my 📔 that I designated for this trip at the beginning of the pandemic, for once we’re ahead of schedule. New Moon, new journey, new city, same love.