Denver’s Finest or Salad fingers

The wind kept moving our giant bag o’ stuff through Wyoming and into Colorado. We stopped several times to adjust it. I stopped drinking Starbucks and on the road I have no choice. Jack In The Box breakfast burritos will keep you full all day but also not the best idea. But! Starbucks has an impossible breakfast sandwich. insane. Wasn’t too bad. We had Cheesecake Factory for dinner last night and today.. so about Denver’s Finest and Salad Fingers- we didn’t get utensils so my kale caesar and salmon AND cheesecake were kamayan (eat with hands) style. Like we were back on the islands ! Both Ed and I! Our Ancestors were laughing I’m sure. 😂 it was pretty great. We’re driving 14 hours to Chicago tomorrow so I’m quickly blogging before I forget this episode. November 15, 2019

It’s the 1 year anniversary of my 1 person show and to commemorate the day I’m wearing the shirt I wore and working on finally releasing it to my channel! hopefully by 11/22 Yay! V exciting. Ok gotta get up early...


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