Chopped cheese please!

We officially moved in Thursday night. I'm going to work my way backwards here since it'll take me a while to remember. One if my biggest fears is losing my memory. Idk why but it is. May be why I write everything down all the time.

So it's Monday November 23rd, first day of filming for Clue on stage on screen. I can't imagine being a high school senior and having to film a play.. you know before this all happened Ed and I and anyone who was willing to listen to me vent would have conversations about how theaters are perfect sound stages and how we can be telling more stories, creating more accessibility if we just learned more about the technology at our fingertips. And here we are! They did a great job. I was really excited to see how they played. It was also my first day back at work remotely that is. I spent the morning freaking out low-key and budgeting. Talking finances is never fun. I need to find a better way to reframe that. We made a Marshall's trip and got more things for the house. Shoes finally went on the rack, the kitchen is coming together.. I left so much behind I'm actually quite upset about it. Buying things new new is a new thing for me. If I had my way I'd just go to a thrift store, but maybe this is for the best cause energy and what not. I've been waking up really early lately which means it's nearly 11pm EST and 7pm PDT and I'm exhausted.


Yesterday we finally went grocery shopping! Got all the things in bulk that we needed with friends who have a Costco card. Before that we had breakfast at Ed's aunt and uncles place in the Bronx. I have a growing list of so many places I need to eat at!! I was really sad to hear a lot of Chinese spots closed down cause of the racism that's been surfacing due to Covid. Ed's aunt told us a story about how someone got punched in the face for ordering take out. Yesterday someone in Queens pulled a knife on the server in ihop cause they were told to put a mask on. So times are tense. On a lighter note, his nephew is getting so big and he is so smart and SO talkative lol. Before we got there I had to return the U haul that we used at Ikea. I had a hard time sleeping that night cause all the sugar and fat and wine .. my body was not happy about the food.


It was so so so nice seeing Santoya on Saturday and getting some furniture for the place. Driving around in a giant van in NYC is a nightmare. Not fun. Ikea had way too many people in it. Way too many. And note to future self, writing the name of the item does nothing. Always write down the bin and aisle number. But we ended up bringing home a couch! So score As-In section! That night ended with us all putting furniture together and friends bringing over Magnolia's banana pudding and ordering Hawaiian food- perhaps the only spot in NYC.


Friday night we pulled out the mattress into the living room again and slept in the middle of the room with The Office on in the background. The first 2 nights I found a local Thai spot that delivered and that was clutch since we hadn't gotten groceries yet. I had rehearsal this night. Technically we were recording for the radio play. And that was fun. Nice to be able to just let the cast to their thing. More unpacking was done this night. We took a trip to Target and got some things. Mostly towels.


We arrived in our new neighborhood around 4:40pm EST. I had 2 hours to prep for rehearsal and unpack while Ed left with his friend for Ikea and Target to grab a few things. It was an ok drive and I'm glad we arrived earlier. We left Fort Wayne, Indiana at 5:30am. Stayed with friends and had an amazing time catching up and spilling tea all night. I don't think this trip would have been possible without the love and support from friends. Whom for once, I didn't have to contact. I let go of that part of planning and just let it be and I'm glad it worked out that way.


Left Chicago around noon for Fort Wayne, Indiana. I drove all the way there for once. Ed hasn't been too generous sharing the wheel but that's ok. The wind was wild and terrifying I thought a few times the turtle shell would fly right off. I was able to work from their place which was a huge help. And Julia made a bomb dinner I was so relived to not have to eat fast food for once.

Tomorrow I think I'll explore Central Park area. Still haven't had a bagel since we got here. But I did get a chopped cheese on Friday which was very very good and I'm excited to have another one. The dieting will start after Thanksgiving.

k bye!

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