Cape Cod and Backyard

Ok, it's been a minute but here we are! Ed is processing everything, it's been a beautiful journey thus far. The past 2 years I went through similar un learning and healing and he was by my side through it all so I'm glad to walk by him as he reflects.. We went to Cape Cod the other day, the 3rd installment of our beach series. It was about a 4 hour drive. We drove through Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Which is wild! Cause California is huge. This land is so dense and filled with trauma and pain I've been taking my time to breathe through every moment. What hurts me the most is the access to the knowledge about it. Spending time with his family has been a lot of fun. I see the similarities. The water at Cape Cod reminded me of the Philippines so much. Here's a couple snap shots:

Ed's mom's and God son's birthday party was yesterday. Yesterday was also the first time this whole trip I felt the anxiety of the pandemic. I got one of those fun face shields and wore it the majority of the party, we set up the selfie light for people to take photos with. Here's me testing it out:

though as the party went on we didn't need it so much. Here's a photo of family.