Another Saturday

Toeday. Lol.. Today we went to the farmer's market in Oakland, near Lake Merrit. It was a nice change from previous Saturdays. Nene and my Mama came along. I'm excited about the print I got her for Mother's Day from a local artist. will post photo tomorrow of it. Actually jk I'll link the artist's page here: fun fact/back story- My Mama's birthday is on 12/12 which in Catholic holiday or day calendar is the Virgin Guadalupe's birthday. She's been praying to her for years now. The print I got is a Pililipinx dressed and adorned as Birgin Guadalupe. I hope she likes it. I wish I could get my parents books and art for gifts, but I know they really want name brand things like Raybans and Louis Vuitton bags. The colonization and capitalism runs deep. We've switched gears, as in I, I have changed the subject. Over the past few weeks I've been constantly organizing and sorting out things in our space. I can't say bedroom cause we, as in Ed and I have been occupying the back room in the house. The extension Papa built that was the family room once upon a time. It's been a challenge. 2 people's belongings in a space with no walls. Literally separated by curtains, that act as backdrop to self tapes/ speaking this time of the Rona I have done 1 self tape. I think? The motivation to workout has slowly returned.. which is why I'm blogging. I have footage I can edit for Expressive. I think I'll work on that tonight. Last night, well yesterday was my Mama and Papa'z 31st anniversary. Nene and I make dinner and we have leftovers. I've been thinking of streaming The Kaylamay Project but I don't know how to begin that process.. I guess it would be a matter of marketing which I think I will do. Ok so here's a list of things that I MUST do for MYSELF:

1. Edit episodes of Expressive

2. Blog every week, write every day if possible

3. Begin marketing for The Kaylamay Project stream

4. Write episodes for super secret bot really project

5. Take Up Space episodes!

It's a lot to think about all at once/ I guess my biggest obstacle is, I'm staring at my screen during the week. And then I get tired and don't want to work on my own stuff. That's gonna change! And my sugar intake. and pastry; I'm getting fluffy..anyways. I needed to get all that out so I can begin my creative writing. <3 Hope you're well. Hope you're fed and hydrated.