Always ready

For the past 8 weeks I have been gathering in community Kapwa (shared identify, collective Spirit) with Warriors from all over to listen and learn from Survival Arts. Survival Arts Academy was established in Bacolod City, Philippines to protect womxn and girls against sexual assault and all forms of violence. I have been incredibly humbled and reenergized. I re member what I have already been taught and reminded of the core values of my family and my own as I grow and expand. I take in and learn new ways of being. A more sustainable and positive way of being. A way of being that respects and gives honor and acknowledgment of the Warriors that came before me. I name and speak to the Warriors who have lost their way as they've transitioned and bridge that gap of Heaven and Earth so that they can once again return Home. It has been an incredible journey and the perfect way to emerge from the shadows and ash of these past 6 months. I am whole and seen not just by others but most importantly from myself. I recognize my reflection. I see my Mama and Papa and those beyond and before trough my own eyes. I am committed to establishing the kinds of relationships and connections that are formed on a basis of respect and support and of course love. I will never stop asking questions. Ever. At the end of the 8 weeks we were supposed to begin thinking of how we can take the new information our Warrior teachings and create a final project. My intentions for taking the course were simple: learn about those that came before me and reinvigorate my artistic spirit in order to create the art that aligns with my soul mission. I've begun drawing and painting a portrait of the feminine divine that I will continue to add to and I have a rolodex of scripts in my head I need to begin to working on. On top of that life is moving at a fast pace as well. Career wise I am welcoming abundance, financially I am establishing security, and personally I am ready. Ready for what's to come. Ready for the next steps. I promised myself when we were in Connecticut that I would stop judging my own process. I would begin to be more spiritually grounded and these past 8 weeks gave me the strength and wisdom to do so. The 8 weeks the follow starting to day will be telling of how well I put this all into practice. I'll continue to share my progress to this blog but I'm so ready to start creating again. SO much to do and all the time in the world.