/ nakahanda na ang mesa / la mesa esta preparada

(The table is prepared.)

A couple things that made me sobra mucho mas happy this month:

- Vaudevillain Ensemble first ever Digital Vaudeville: Come out of your (s)hell! was released. You can catch it until May 17th

- Stooping furniture and furnishing/nesting/decorating real hard to make our place a symphony of Philippine/Boricua casa bahay comfiness

- A much needed visit from Mojo DeVille and Essie DeVille

- Making lumpia (fried in coconut oil then air fried for extra crispiness) for Ed's family

- Discovering H Mart on the West Side

- Purchasing artwork from Pilipina Artists/Creatives thanks to https://www.mercadovicente.com

- Rehearsing for The Custom Made Theatre Co. "Tiny Fires" by Aimee Suzara

- PA ing a shoot in Brooklyn for a DOPE ass clothing line https://ooshie.com

- paying off all our California fastrak and starting to take care of NJ/NY

Here's a photo dump cause why not. Enjoy! Yes this was posted on Fb. What's the difference? More thoughts! MORE FEELINGS! I'm really FEELing like I finally have a good handle on my ebs and flows. Something my Mama used to say to me was, "You're always going to be like this (maarte / aka dramatic / aka OA / aka too much) so how can you learn to manage it?" The beginning of my Saturn Return was rough waters. Now it's like a calm seaside morning. Financially, emotionally, not so much physically just yet, spiritually, I feel grounded. More grounded than I have in a long time. On a different note about equity and redistributing wealth -

There were lists thrown about at the beginning of last year, all the things we (as a community, artists, service providers) would no longer tolerate. I do not want to take steps backwards to appease anyone. I think I need to start asking myself, will this project continue to decolonize my practice? How will it serve me and vice versa. Actors joke around all the time, "we don't do it for the money" ok yeah duh. We didn't start doing it for the money, but I'm sure as hell worth more than a $300 stipend for 3 months of work not including time spent researching and rehearsing on my own. Make. It. Make. Sense! Any ways- I can't wait for my artists friends, myself included, to be running shit and we can all work in a happy free healing space. Everyone will eat.

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