Thursday, May 6, 2021 - amémonos // let us love each other

by Linda Maria Girón

Reading - 7:00pm PST | Post-show Conversation - 8:30pm PST

Marcelo Javier, Director | Karina Gutierrez, Dramaturg | Kayla May Paz Suarez, Choreographer

Featuring Vero Maynez, Rose Portillo*, L. Duarte

With support from Stephanie Alyson H., Penelope Gould, and Natalia Delgado



Untimely. Uncertain. Unrequited. Unemployed. When newly discarded graduate Karina Inés makes an inconvenient pilgrimage back home, Kari is surprised to find Abuela Eulalia exactly as she was six years prior. Trapped between languages, time, and house keys, Kari and Eulalia are confronted with a choice; reckon with ghosts of a secret unrequited or lose each other in the haze of an uncertain future.



Premiering April 16th is MORE THAN GRAPES by Carlos Aguirre, Jeffrey Lo, and Lisa Ramirez, developed and directed by Sean San José. MORE THAN GRAPES explores the lead-up to the Delano Grape Strike, through the legacies of Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, and Larry Itliong. Not an attempt to capture the biographies or histories of these three icons of the farmworkers movement, this piece grabs shards of their legacies and opens them up like a collective archive of our past and present. This audio piece is a collage of responses to Delano, California. The piece goes inside of Delano—the heart of the movement— and where the effects of the farmworkers’ fight lives in our memories and today. The production features Ramirez, Lo, and Aguirre, along with Dani Cervantes, Mike Sagun, and Kaylamay Paz Suarez, visual design by Kristoffer Barrera.


Holy Shit That Was Scary Part 3: The Cloud 

Featuring short films written by: Alexandria Love, Tirumari Jothi,

Claire Rice, and Colin Johnson.

Directed by: Sarah Coykendall, Nikki Meñez, Alejandro Torres, and Colin Johnson

Part Three of our found footage horror anthology series has gone virtual, with four brand new horror shorts contextualized into an unrelenting stream of horror entertainment. Imagine a new, underground App that chooses you as an inaugural participant. What starts out as spooky fun with friends soon turns sinister, exploiting your worst insecurities and fears and daring you to uninstall at your own risk.