Kayla May  Paz Suarez

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K. May/She/Siya/they is a Pilipina American multidisciplinary artist and a proud Bay Area/East Bay kid. Born and raised on Chochenyo Ohlone land now known as San Lorenzo, Ca and now residing on Munsee Lenape land also known as Spanish Harlem in New York. Kayla May debuted their 1 person show as Awesome Theater’s first Artist In Residence in 2019 with “The Kaylamay Project: Laughing Through My Trauma" 


She is passionate about tracing themes of authenticity and ancestral healing through their storytellingIt was the lack of representation of first-generation Pilipinx stories that inspired Kayla May to create Expressive AF*/ 5ft. Lumpia, a web series mockumentary of her life. Through their unique lens, Suarez is cultural bearer who translates the intergenerational gap of homeland and settled land with educational and often times comedic storytelling. Kaylamay recycles trauma into inspiration. You can read some of her writing that was featured on Sancrosant's website: a digital space for LGBTQ2IA+ BIPOC to heal, self-define, and self-actualize through art, writing, & wellness. 


By day, Kayla May is the Director of Education/Communications (Epiphany Dance Theater - SF based non profit), Art Facilitator/Collaborator of Vaudevillian Ensemble (NYC), and works as a simulation specialist with Bay Area start up Mursion. Kayla May graduated from East Bay Arts High School (2010) and trained at the Pacific Conservatory Theater acting program (c.o 2015)